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June, 2011
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June, 2011

IAEN is holding an online discussion forum on efficiency and effectiveness in the context of HIV and AIDS. Experts from a variety of organizations and disciplines will be posting short discussion pieces on various aspects of this topic. This forum is designed to encourage online discussion among members. Inclusion of documents or posting of comments does not imply endorsement by IAEN or sponsoring organizations.

This IAEN series of papers is about effectiveness and efficiency of HIV/AIDS programming. Earlier contributions have made a persuasive case that effectiveness is context-specific, and that the pursuit of efficiency, too, may depend on who are the key players providing and allocating resources. Shrinking donations and country ownership could introduce some instability in the path of HIV prevention and treatment programs in low- and middle-income countries. But they also can stimulate a more aggressive search for efficiency in programming.
Please read the full piece from Eileen Stillwaggon of Gettysburg College.

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