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Library ID 114 added 12/7/10
Title Africa: The Socio-Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS
Author(s) Economic Commission for Africa
Document Date 6/9/2010
Document Type
Country/Region Africa 
Tags National Cost Estimates 


In less than two decades, more than 65 million people have contracted the HIV
virus - globally. Of this, 22 million people have died from HIV related illnesses,
mostly from AIDS, and 17 million of them have been from Africa. Africa remains
the hardest hit continent: with less than eleven percent of the total global population,
the continent has more than 70 percent of all HIV/AIDS related cases in
the world. As well as a harrowing catalogue of lives lost, the implications of this
human tragedy reach into the structure of economies, the capacity of institutions,
the integrity of communities and the viability of families. In the extreme,
the survival of some states may even be called into question. Already, communities
across large parts of the continent are facing a day-to-day reality of declining
standards of living, reduced capacities for personal and social achievement, and
an increasingly uncertain future. This in turn profoundly constrains what can be
achieved today. Meanwhile, HIV/AIDS is also diminishing the capacity of African
states to maintain what has been secured over past decades in terms of social
and economic development.
In what follows, this paper explores the development impacts of HIV/AIDS on
African societies as well as their likely future ramifications. The paper concludes
with a brief outline of the anticipated contribution of the Commission on HIV/
AIDS and governance in Africa (CHGA), to the continents’ struggle to mitigate
the impacts of the pandemic.
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