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Library ID 58 added 8/22/10
Title Does the private sector care about AIDS? Evidence from firm surveys in East Africa
Author(s) Ramachandran V - World Bank, Shah MK, Turner GL
Document Date 2/26/2008
Document Type
Country/Region Africa 

OBJECTIVE: Our objective was to identify the determinants of HIV/AIDS prevention activity and pre-employment health checks by private firms in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. DESIGN: We used data from the World Bank Enterprise Surveys for Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, encompassing 860 formally registered firms in the manufacturing sector. METHODS: Econometric analysis of firm survey data was used to identify the determinants of HIV/AIDS prevention including condom distribution and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT). Multivariate regression analysis was the main tool used to determine statistical significance. RESULTS: Approximately a third of enterprises invest in HIV/AIDS prevention. Prevention activity increases with size, most likely because larger firms and firms with higher skilled workers have greater replacement costs. Even in the category of larger firms, less than 50% provide VCT. We found that the propensity of firms to carry out pre-employment health checks of workers also varies by the size of firm and skill level of the workforce. Finally, data from worker surveys showed a high degree of willingness on the part of workers to be tested for HIV in the three East African countries

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