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Spectrum is a suite of policy models that make use of a unified set of Windows-based commands that can be easily learned. The models are used to project the need for FP/RH, MH, and HIV/AIDS services. Most models are available in English, French, and Spanish. Some are also available in Portuguese, Arabic, and Russian. Each model includes a detailed user manual that not only describes how to use the software but also includes sections on data sources, interpretation and use of the results, a tutorial, and a description of the methodology. The models included in the Spectrum system are: DemProj, FamPlan, AIM, RAPID, Ben-Cost, NewGen, PMTCT, Safe Motherhood, and Condom Requirements. Allocate is a tool used to relate program actions to goals and summarizes output from other Spectrum models. The Goals Model has been added to the Spectrum suite. Goals helps efforts to respond to the HIV epidemic by showing how the amount and allocation of funding is related to the achievement of national goals, such as the reduction in HIV prevalence and expansion of care and support.

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