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Announcing the IAEN Forum

April 28, 2011
spitcher at futuresgroup.com

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This is a message to announce the initiation of an online 
discussion forum on efficiency and effectiveness in the 
context of HIV and AIDS. Experts from a variety of organizations
and disciplines are posting short discussion pieces on various 
aspects of this topic. It is intended to encourage online 
discussion among members, so please share your thoughts and 
reactions to the materials being posted.   

If you want to comment, all you have to do is respond to the emails 
or you can send an email to iaen_forum at list.iaen.org . If you want 
to reduce the number of emails you receive, please follow the instructions 
below regarding digests.  You may also follow the discussion online at 

Please note that inclusion of documents or posting of comments does not imply 
endorsement by IAEN or sponsoring organizations.

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